Limitations are constraints and restrictions that can be mentally crippling. If you have them – do something about it. Don’t let them control you and your actions. Whatever limitations you have are merely obstructions and can be moved out of the way. Driven by fear and the unknown, what limits you, can prevent you from accomplishing great things and moving your life forward. It will dilute who you are, what you are and what you can be.

Courage is the anecdote for what ails you. Modify and don’t think with a lack of capacity. On the contrary, begin to trust in yourself, your ability and re-create your comfort zone. Be curious about things and learn every day. Fear is impractical – so be practical. Limitations should be temporary companions that, believe it or not can be a good teacher. Respect your limitations and recognize their value. The lesson learned is the core with which you can build. Get familiar and friendly with your limitations. Manage them and make them work for you, because if you don’t and you allow all that to get in your way, you will lack efficiency and prohibit your productivity.