You are on the move. You are thinking about your future. I think there is a great irony to this word, ‘future’. It means, at a later time or the events that will happen. Future symbolizes tomorrow, but you establish it with today – the beginning. You are looking for the ultimate place to start. It’s not always the where you go, but the how you get there that makes it worthwhile. What makes it meaningful is the how, the process, the course of action you choose and the development you create along the way. You can measure yourself by the progress you make and the movement you promote.
You think about what you want to do, what your goals are and then you put a plan in place and execute. It’s a one step at a time process and it’s good to think about proceeding with caution and maybe add a twist of reckless abandon. It’s the RA that makes it fun and adds the element of ‘unknown’. For those that are reasonably sure about their future, you have it mapped out and you push things with purpose. But, what about the majority that isn’t so certain? You might consider a Career Coach or an ‘Accountability Partner’ to assist you while you are in the hunt for future.
It’s not always easy or simple to achieve future. It takes a lot of work and patience. That’s why the plan is so important. Some have the sense of direction and some don’t. A plan is your map, your GPS and your navigator. The coach can be all that as well. If you need the support and assistance – don’t be afraid to ask. It can be very helpful having a second set of eyes on the road to help you not miss the turn.