by Jimmy LevinDirector – Creative Services at CTI Graphics & New Media/Job Search Therapy

In this society of social media, it becomes easier and easier to connect. The media becomes a tool that bridges and links us together. It becomes an extension of who we are, who we know, how we know them and helps us unite in some kind of way. But the real question to ask – is just how meaningful these connections really are?

Are they really symbolic of anything? Do they convey any real significance? What do these connections represent?

A real bridge is a connection between ‘things’, ‘places’ and people. Relationships are built on the foundation of some kind of association, alignment and an attachment of significance.

As you develop your career path and move your life forward, it becomes more important to build bridges and increase your network. These relationships are important, as they are the cornerstone of how you make progress in both professional and personal life. It becomes the backbone and core of your growth and will help you make a successful passage that leads you to the bridge of your future.

The bridges you begin to build should last forever. They become a reliable piece of personal architecture that you can cross many times. They are your colleagues. They are your friends. They are the extension between you, your past, present and future. Like all things that are built, they require maintenance and care. Don’t ever abuse these precious support systems. Use them wisely and always remember they travel in 2 directions. Respect the collaborations you have and always remain committed to them, as you never know when you will need to pass from one side to the other.

The resources you have are on either side of these bridges. They tie and fuse you and should, if managed well, will give you a great sense of security. When you cross the bridge – it should feel safe.