by Jimmy LevinDirector – Creative Services at CTI Graphics & New Media/Job Search Therapy

When you are on the job market and pro-actively doing all you can to create opportunities for yourself, you want to establish goals and have a plan in place. Without that plan, you are going to dilute the process of efficiency. The objectives are to make the best use of time. It is crucial to manage all your resources properly and learn how to keep productivity at a peak. There are so many hours in a day and the energy you have should align with those hours in a very thoughtful and meaningful way. Be smart how you invest your time.

How you promote, sell and market yourself plays a vital role in this process and that too, needs to be effective and efficient. The support system you have available is a key to the door that you are trying to get opened. Make a point to establish as many relationships as you can. One by one, you build a network of personalized commerce. Use that network as the tool to generate more opportunities. These opportunities are merely doors in a hallway without limitations. Ultimately, with the right frame of mind, good attitude and hard work, someone opens that door and invites you in to take a seat.