by Jimmy Levin – Director – Creative Services at CTI Graphics & New Media/Job Search Therapy

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL: The word ‘NEW’ has great depth to it and we shouldn’t minimize it’s meaning or it’s significance. It applies to all things we will do today, tomorrow and forever. It’s all about keeping things moving forward and ‘NEW’ is the driver that should make that push forward happen.
Think about where ‘NEW’ fits into your life. Words like, develop, recent, original, imaginative, creative, experimental, contemporary, fresh, and discover are some that come to my mind.
By definition, ‘NEW’ means, among other things, “something not existing”. As we wind down 2015 and move onward into 2016, take some time to think about all you did and all you will do. Be creative and make something happen that will feed your head. Happy NEW Year.