by Jimmy Levin

Typically, we are driven by what scares us. Some see it as a motivator and rise above all the obstacles that get in our way and then there are those that let the scary stuff become so overwhelming, that we can’t get out of our own way.

It’s a terrible thing to allow fear to manage us. Life has a nasty habit of traveling in the fast lane and time, a luxury none of have enough of, seems to go very fast. This in of itself, can be a frightening fact to contend with, so why let the ‘other’ stuff get in the way.

As a new job seeker, there is so much in front of you, it’s your journey and the road isn’t always clear. There are always, at any stage of life, going to be the occasional speed bumps. Clearly, the easiest way to navigate that is to slow down and proceed with caution. Apprehension and fear can deactivate you. If you stop, you lose the momentum and then you have to start all over again. There are times in your life, when this might be the correct thing to do. Stop, process, re-group and then get all the moving parts moving again. But, in most cases, you do process, but you do it while you are thinking about the next step and how best to keep that movement in place.
If you let it, fear can only intimidate your progress. Use the fear as a toll to motivate, stimulate, activate and inspire. Fear can be a great influencer. Don’t allow it to bring you down. On the contrary, you take control and use it to bring yourself up. Recognize the hurdles, the problems you are confronted with and push back so you can get your head around what makes sense and what will maximize your energy and talent. Youth is a virtue that should not be pushed around.