by Jimmy LevinDirector – Creative Services at CTI Graphics & New Media/Job Search Therapy

People are the most important commodity and they are a source of survival. Not unlike water or air, we need it/them. There are so many types of people with such diverse skills, qualities, personalities, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses, and on a personal note, it’s what makes my job and life interesting and enjoyable.
The people we work with and live with are like an income. To create a meaningful relationship, you have to earn it by investing real time and put your heart into it. We engage, we interact, we exchange ideas, share and at the end of the day, we earn something from that interaction. Meeting and encountering new people is your bonus.
The content of the conversation, the exchanging of ideas, the dialogue we create is where the substance is. The exchange is how we learn. Look for peer people – not peer pressure. Find a mutual understanding and some reciprocity. Give and take and listen to the people you are with.
You can take the exchange, convert it, build relationships and expand a network that can only help you in your life.
The value in people is probably not skill based so much as it is their achievements and what information they can provide. That’s where the root is. The problem solver with a focus on solutions and the exchange of ideas is what becomes significant. Dialogue and conversation are the fuel to the exchange of ideas. It’s the commerce and it allows us to learn so many things from so many people.