In Loving Memory of Judy Salmon

Board Member of the APC 2004 – 2022

2017 – 2018 President 

Judy Salmon

Judy Salmon

Executive Board Member

Sr. Production Manager
Showtime Networks

Cherishing Judy

In early January of 2022, this world lost an incredible woman that touched the hearts of everyone she met, Judy Salmon.

Judy brought light to everything she was a part of. As a member of the Advertising Production Club of New York since 2004, she never let the Club lose sight of its purpose and goals. 

Since her early years in print, Judy stood strong in a male-dominated industry, helping it grow and being a positive female influence to other women in print. We appreciate her dedication to the industry and admire her ambition to succeed. 


As members of the Board, we celebrate Judy and the way she touched us all. Here are some of our thoughts:
“No matter who you were, Judy always welcomed you with open arms and bright eyes. She always made you feel appreciated and had a way of making others see the value in themselves.” 

“Having just met at an industry event, Judy welcomed me into the business with so much warmth, confidence, and a friendly ear, making me feel at ease. I knew I had found my people because of Judy.”

“Judy has made incredible contributions to the APC over many years. Her love and dedication to the organization was unmatched. Any event that the APC held wasn’t complete with Judy’s touches. From ordering the food (no onions was a personal request!), decorating the venue, and anything and everything that needed to be done, she was always there. Judy was integral to the success of these events. She had high standards;  everything had to be perfect and it showed.”

“Judy was full of fun, passion, creativity, and positivity.  I’ve never seen her without a smile.  She was humble, kind, and gracious. She will be missed by many.”

“As a board member, working with Judy was a delight! Her dedication and enthusiasm was amazing! Judy was committed to finding the best event venues for events like the APPYs and Print Innovations. She invested her energy in making sure we succeeded in raising scholarship money for the students entering the industry.”

“As a longtime industry professional, APC member, and friend, her passion and friendly demeanor will be missed.”

“I have always admired Judy’s career. Her enthusiasm has been an inspiration in my own career, as well as motivation, in this male-dominated industry. The importance of networking with a genuine smile,  and ‘paying it forward’.”

“It has been a privilege to have served with her on the board of the APC, to have worked with her during my time with the GSCF, and occasionally have done some work for Showtime! She will truly be missed.”